Open philosophy vs threat

Since the 1980th, standard operating systems like DOS and Windows have made it an easy task to develope user friendly applications generally available to anyone who could afford a personal computer. During the 1990th, open networks and standard interfaces, materialized through WEB and internet, have opened the world of computing and communication to everyone. After 2005, the smartphone revolution has accelerated this evolution.

Unfortunately, every step of this (r)evolution have made every computer (including smartphones) in this giant network a potensial victim of attack from viruses or other hostile intruders that may spread at the speed of light.

If (like the old days of 1960th, 1970th & early 1980th) each computer manufactor had its own OS and standards, it would be very costly, and almost impossible to create worldwide hostile computer attacks that could spread through the net and cause the damage we now experience almost daily. On the other hand, the availability of computing and networking power would be minimized to an exclusive group of wealthy people.

The prize we pay is that the worldwide computing community is extremely vulnerable.

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