Based on HUBBIT’s small footprint database, we offer a set of basic solutions to the never ending challenge of hacking, virus, spam, trojans, worms etc. that flood the computer community through the web at the speed of light. We are continiously working hard to extend our offers to protect against all aspects of this criminal activity. For some, our standard solutions, like HUBBITBox (freeware), may be suffcient as a first step toward protecting data and systems. For many, our adapted soutions may be necessary to fullfill the recommendation from customers.

Because HUBBIT has turned the strategy to contain your enemies instead of the standard way protect against your enemies,  the task of removing the virus threat has become a lot easier. We need not know what the enemy look like. Instead we discover him with 100% certainty when he try to do bad things, and contain him in a place where no harm is done.

Sound like a war strategy? It is. Its a war, have always been, and will still be. But our strategy will be the winning one.

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